Get more leads with Facebook Ads

Facebook has the most rigorous and effective targeting tools.

Facebook now has nearly 1.4 billion active users generating over 4 billion “likes” per day, and 190 million of those people are right here in the United States. The social networking platform has expanded into a hub for digital marketing that leaves outdated agencies in the dust. Facebook is constantly evolving its advertising processes on both the functional and legislative ends.

On the positive end, no other platform contains targeting tools that are as rigorous or effective as Facebook. Our team hyper-focuses on optimized audiences in order to return the greatest value to our clients. We’ve established a strategic array of audiences that best suit the needs and ambitions of our clients, regardless of their niche or offer. Additionally, we can filter out audiences by gender, age, location, interests, liked posts, and lead status (cold, warm, client, etc.)

On the other hand, our team works endlessly to circumnavigate the ever-changing boundaries of Facebook’s compliance policies. This poses the challenge of keeping updated with their policies in a way that breaks through to audiences. For example, weight loss offers cannot run ads with before and after pictures on Facebook. Our competitors struggle to overcome these restrictions, but Client Accelerators excels on the platform. This is our most extensive area of expertise and our team continues to create thoughtful, head-turning ads that communicate directly with ideal prospects.

How will Client Accelerators optimize my Facebook Campaign?

The data that we gather from our various Facebook ad campaigns are hand-compiled into spreadsheets that we’ve designed to outline daily performance. Our key areas of focus include lowering Cost Per Leads, Cost Per Clicks, and Cost Per Impressions while skyrocketing Click-Through Rates and Return On Investment. The ideal rates for our clients can only be yielded by our numbers-based approach. At the end of the day, the greatest ad in the world loses all value without sales.

That’s why our data analytics are essential to optimize every penny of ad spend by capitalizing on:

  • Keyword Research/Analysis
  • Daily Rank Monitoring
  • Bid Assessment
  • Ad Copy
  • Profound Marketing Strategies (that cater to the platform)

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